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Plano Garden Club Awards 2015-2016

District X Awards - Gold Club Rating

Plano Garden Club is District X Garden Club of the Year

1st Place Awards

  • N-12  Publication-Newsletter                            
  • Yearbook
  • Publications-Membership Brochure
  • Web Site
  • Decoration of Historic Building (Wreaths at Heritage Farmstead)
  • TGC Nov/Dec Award (Alexandra’s Christmas Tree Project)
  • #26 Community Landscape Design - L5 (Children’s Meadow)
  • CS-2 Civic Achievement Kellogg (Children’s Meadow Garden)
  • L-4 The Dr. William C. Welch Award (landscape for Children’s)
  • #19 Horticulture Therapy

Texas Garden Club Awards - Gold Club Rating

1st Place Awards

  • President's Report: 3rd Place
  • Publication 1 - Newsletter 
  • Yearbook
  • Donations
  • Publication 2 Membership Brochure
  • MP-3 Website
  • November/December Award (Alexander’s Christmas Tree Project)
  • CS-2 Kellogg Civic Achievement (Children’s Meadow Garden)
  • G-3  Therapy Gardens (Children’s Meadow Garden)
  • L-4 Dr. William C. Welch Award (Children’s Meadow Garden)
  • L-5 Landscape Design (Children’s Meadow Garden)

2nd Place Awards

  • HP-2 Decorations of a Historic Building (Heritage Farmstead)

National Garden Club Awards

  •  L-5 Landscape Design (Children’s Meadow)  - " $100 - Awarded to the Overall Winner, for the significant contribution in providing planning and planting for commercial property, church, synagogue, hospital, etc"
  • CS-2 (A)iii  Kellogg Civic Achievement (Children’s) - 1st Place - Awarded to the most distinguished civic or conservation working making a permanent improvement for the public benefit, e.g. establishing sanctuaries, children's gardens, municipal gardens, etc.
  •  L-4 The Dr. William C. Welch Award - We received a Certificate in Appreciation:  This is for a significant contribution in providing planning and planting for commercial property, church, hospital, library, part, etc.  Landscape design was required.
  • PUB 1-2 Aiii (TIE) - Newsletter - Certificate of Merit
  • PUB 2-5 Aiii  -  Membership Brochure -  Certificate of Merit



PGC Scholarship

If you are a college sophomore majoring in a field pertaining to horticulture or the environment then you might be eligible. 

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