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Dallas Council of Garden Clubs 


Presenter: Tyrone Day

Texas Garden Club

May 1-4 - "CONVENTION" - El Paso, TX

Monthly Program 

May 2 - "THE IMPORTANCE of NATIVE PLANTS to NESTING and MIGRATORY BIRDS" - Our own Linda Ergonis and birding extrodinare will discuss why we need Texas native plants in our landscapes to protect and insure the future of our migratory birds.

Presenter: Linda Ergonis, PGC member is on point for this presentation

Service in Action 

May 11 - "PIONEER PLACE SENIOR COMMUNITY" - The project will be making floral designs with fresh flowers.  This event will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 


May 12-13 - "CONVENTION" - This event will be held in Oklahoma City, Bricktown, OK

Rosemary Rumbley's 

May 16 - "TOUR of FORT WORTH" - The cost of the event is $60. 

Garden Spaders

May 24 - "PLANT GROWER" - "Where does it all begin?"  For the flowers and plants you buy at the stores like Calloways, Lowes, etc. life begins at a "grower".   Kenneth Cransfield at the Forest Grove Nursery will enlighten us with the specifics of the supply chain.  And you'll see more plants in one place than you've ever seen before!  Meet at St. Elizabeth Seton Evangelical Church at 9 a.m.

Arbor Day 

May 26 - "CHILDREN'S MEADOW GARDEN CEREMONY" - Dedicating tree planted in cooler months on campus.

Service in Action 

May 27 - "CHILDREN'S MEADOW GARDEN" - Garden maintenance will be performed.  The work will begin at 9 a.m. to completion. 

Service in Action 

May 29 - "GARDEN THERAPY" - Project with children at Children's Health Plano decorating birdhouses with EDO unit children in honor of Earth Day..

National Garden Club  

May 2 - "CONVENTION" -  This event will be held in Biloxi, Mississippi

Theme for 2018-2019

"Adventures in Gardening, to Inspire Our Souls

Motto: A Flower Garden for Every Yard

Motto 2017-2018

PGC Scholarship

If you are a college sophomore majoring in a field pertaining to horticulture or the environment then you might be eligible. 

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