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Dallas Council of Garden Clubs 

February 4 - "FUN DAY" 

Presenter: Rodney W. Pirtle, Musical Humorist

Monthly Program

February 5 - "STEPPING THROUGH the GARDEN" - Our own National Garden Club Master Judges, Peggy Consolver and Dana Serafine, will challenge our immaginations and entertain us with the igenuity and originality of their designs!

Presenter: Peggy Consolver and Dana Serafine

Garden Spaders 

February 13 - "FLORAL DESIGN WHOLESALER" - "Be Prepared!"  In the spirit of either learning about or participating in our club's much anticipated March 29-30th Flower Show, we will be visiting either one or two wholesale florist supply shops.  Window shopping at a wholesale shop is worth doing and  purchase supplies at wholesale can add to the fun!  Meet 9 a.m. at St. Marks.

Service in Action 

February 18 - "GARDEN THERAPY" - Project with children at Children's Health Plano making leaf bowls.

Creative Designers 

February 19 Carol Coughran, Flower Show Judge, will teach LOW PROFILE DESIGN.  You will need to review the techniques sheet you were given in September as you are required to use several in this design.  The design is appropriate for a coffee or sofa table.  Please bring long branch materials and a low container. The completed design should be four times as long as it is high. Please RSVP so we can purchase enough flowers.  This event will be held from 9 a.m. to Noon.

Service in Action

February 23 - "CHILDREN'S MEADOW GARDEN" - Garden maintenance will be performed.  The work will begin at 9 a.m. to completion. 

NGC Landscape Design

February 25-26 - "STUDY COURSE 1" -  This course will be held in College Station, TX

Service in Action 

February 27-28- "TREASURED TIMES GARDEN THERAPY" - This project will be creating a Garden Art Mobile for either outside or inside to reflect the sunlight and wind.  This event will be held at CRUMC (Custer Road United Methodist Church).

Theme for 2018-2019

"Adventures in Gardening, to Inspire Our Souls

Motto: A Flower Garden for Every Yard

Motto 2017-2018

PGC Scholarship

If you are a college sophomore majoring in a field pertaining to horticulture or the environment then you might be eligible. 

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