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Monthly Program

October 2 - "HONEY BEE BIOLOGY" -Come prepared for an engaging and lively discussion of all things honey bees up close and personal - INCLUDING an observation box and a demonstration live hive box (enclosed!) of bees in action.

Presenter: Dr. Scott Rippel, UTD Professor & Thea Junt, Chilldren's Health Sustainability Manager

Texas Garden Club,Inc.

October 9 -11  - FALL CONVENTION - Texas Garden Club, Inc. Fall Convention, hosted by District X, Crown Plaza hotel, 14315 Midway Rd., Addison, TX

Service in Action

October 10-11  - "TREASURED TIMES GARDEN THERAPY" - The project will be the construction of a garland with Fall Leaves, which participants can place over a chair, table, or possibly hang in a window.  This event will be held at CRUMC (Custer Road United Methodist Church).

Creative Designers

October 16 - Tricia Yurkovich, Master Judge, will instruct you on creating COLLAGES.  If you have any scrapbook papers, wallpapers, any interesting papers or dried plant material, you can use and found objects such as pieces of plastic, metal parts, jewelry pieces or chains you would like to incorporate please bring them.  We will provide some papers and an 18”x24” board to cover.  This will be a category in the flower show in March.  You may want to enter.  As always, RSVP.  This event will be held from 9 a.m. to Noon.

Service in Action

October 18 - "PIONEER PLACE SENIOR COMMUNITY" - The project will be decorating fall wreaths.  This event will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Garden Spaders

October 20 - "CITY of PLANO'S WATER-WISE LANDSCAPE TOUR" - Enjoy the City of Plano WaterWise Landscape Tour.  This beautiful self-guided tour of several of the city’s WaterWise gardens will help you learn which water conserving, drought-tolerant plants do well in our North Central Texas soil and climate.  We'll travel together to visit multiple gardens, and will enjoy a picnic lunch by one of the locations.  The event will begin by meeting at St. Marks Catholic Church at 9 am. 

Judges Symposium

October 21-23 - This event will be held in San Antonio, TX.

Service in Action

October 27 - "CHILDREN'S MEADOW GARDEN" - Garden maintenance will be performed.  The work will begin at 9 a.m. to completion. 

Theme for 2018-2019

"Adventures in Gardening, to Inspire Our Souls

Motto: A Flower Garden for Every Yard

Motto 2017-2018

PGC Scholarship

If you are a college sophomore majoring in a field pertaining to horticulture or the environment then you might be eligible. 

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