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Continuing Projects


- Arbor Day:

In support of the Arbor Day foundation and the goals of conservation and educa- tion, PGC will plant a tree at a pubic site in cooperation with the City of Plano. The planting will take place in November and the dedication ceremony will be held in April, dates TBD. (100% participation) Chair: Frances Wolf

- Alexandra’s Christmas Trees: (since 1997)

Using PGC design experience, members decorate Christmas trees in November to bring cheer to the chil- dren on the oncology floor at the Children’s Health, Dallas, TX and the Children’s Health, Plano, TX. The trees are delivered in memory of the grand- daughter of one of the members of PGC. Chair: Charlotte Loncar, Renee Shaw & Arlene Englert

- Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center:

PGC members do- nate pajamas in December to the Center, located at 2205 Los Rios Blvd., Plano, TX. Children taken from dangerous situations receive love and pajamas as they go into foster care. Chair: Paula Brehm

- Environmental Litter Clean Up:

PGC will coordinate an environmental clean up of Spring Creek and Chisholm Trail from 15th St. to Park Blvd with the City of Plano. We will enlist the help of Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts to increase our manpower. Chair, Patti Tuck

- Meadow Garden at Children's Health, Plano:

PGC will plant and maintain the pollinator and vegetable gardens on the site.  All gardens are visible from the patient towers to give children and their families a respite from illness.  Chair: Al Baume

- NGC Service In Action:

The 2015-2017 NGC President’s Special 2-Year Project will increase awareness of the seriousness of the demise of polli- nators and amphibians and encourage conservation and protection efforts by clubs, the general public and governmental agencies.  Often called the first bio-indicators; amphibians and pollinators, by their presence, abundance and activities reveal the state of their ecosystems. Pollinator and amphibian populations are declining worldwide through the effects of pesticides, habitat destruction, diseases, parasites, global warming and introduced predators. Education, habitat conservation and protection of at risk populations are issues we can change through our actions. Chair: Patti Tuck

- Plano Food Pantry:

PGC members bring non-perishable food or monetary donations to the Plano Food Pantry at both the October and March meetings to provide relief to families to need. (100% Participation) Chair: Jo An Rosen


Presented every other year as PGC’s primary outreach and fundraiser. Chair: Sharon DeFalco


A flower show, a community outreach, in a home or in a public building has been presented by PGC every other year since 1998.  Click here for details.


- Pioneer Place Senior Community:

Continuing a popular project which began spring 2013. PGC members plan, fund and implement hands-on garden crafts with the Pioneer Place Senior Community, HUD apartment units. Chair: Connie Maurer

- Treasured Times Alzheimer’s Group:

PGC members will plan, fund, and implement hands-on programs with the Custer Road United Method- ist Church Alzheimer's Group. November Project will be decorating wreaths or Christmas Trees. February project will be planting Spring bulbs or grasses. Programs are presented to both the Wednesday and Thursday groups. (100% participation) Chair: Beverly Carpenter


PGC members share with the public their love of the art of gardening by presenting a garden tour every other year. Proceeds will support community projects. Next tour will be in Spring, 2017. Chair: Sara Shaffer, Sharon Russell


- Bethany Cemetery:

PGC will partner with Plano Conservancy to support efforts to preserve gardens in historic sites and propagate plants from and for these sites including antique roses, historic iris and perennials of the prai- ries. Bethany Cemetery in Plano will serve as the initial focus for plantings and enhancements designed to fit the future use of this historic site. Chair: Candace Fountoulakis

- Heritage Farmstead Museum:

PGC members will assist in restoring historic gardens around the main house and updating seasonal wreaths, swags and floral decorations (3 dates) at the Heritage Farmstead Museum, located at 1900 West 15th Street, Plano, TX. (100% participation) Chair: Karleen Hoffmann, Betts Barraclough, Geri Moran


Funds have been raised through PGC Garden Tours to motivate students to continue their education in gardening related fields. Chair: Linda McKay. Mittie McDonald 


Theme for 2016-2017

"Preserve the Past, Plant the Present, Flower the Future"

Motto: A Flower Garden for Every Yard

Motto 2016-2017

PGC Scholarship

If you are a college sophomore majoring in a field pertaining to horticulture or the environment then you might be eligible. 

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